Workshops for Educators, Librarians and Parents
Presented by Kathy Bloomfield, President, forwordsbooks

Workshop Information

All workshops:

  • are customized to fit the needs of your community
  • are highly interactive
  • examine dozens of the latest children’s books “hands-on”
  • explore ways to use books in classroom settings, as family education programs, as parent-teacher resources or in the home.

A Sample of the Programs We Offer

  • Is Where the Wild Things Are Jewish?
    • What is a Jewish book?
    • What questions do we ask in deciding whether a book is appropriate or not for our catalog?

Together we will look at a number of children’s books and decide whether they are “right” or “wrong” for the forwords Catalog of Jewish Books.

  • Exploring Jewish Values in Children’s Literature
    • Is Values Education important?
    • Are Jewish values different from Secular values?
    • How do we decide if a book has a Jewish value to teach?

The group will investigate the concept of Jewish Values education and learn to “think outside the box” to identify books that can be used to assist their young charges to begin building their internal moral encyclopedia.

  • Bringing God into the Classroom with Children’s Literature
    • What are the Jewish concepts of God?
    • Are there children’s books that address these concepts?

Together we will review a number of “God books” for children and decide whether they will be appropriate in a Jewish classroom.

  • Discussing Difficult Issues with the help of Children’s Books
    • What are the difficult issues your teachers are dealing with in their classrooms?
    • How can books help open doors between students and teachers in working with these issues?

Innocence seems to be a concept of the past. War, death, divorce, illness, these are just a few of the issues that children confront daily. In this workshop, we will learn how to evaluate children’s books for their effectiveness in dealing with these issues.

  • “But I Hate to Read!”
    • What excites YOU about reading?
    • Are there ways to incorporate Jewish books into the curriculum?

Book clubs, Reading Chugs, Literatures Circles…with parents or without… let’s explore the impact of incorporating Jewish literature in the Jewish classroom. In our “mini-Book Club,” we will have the opportunity to test a number of kid-friendly activities.

About the Workshops…

“…Thank you for everything that you shared. The tools you included with the handouts are great. We are planning to incorporate several ideas into the upcoming semester…” ~ Dara

“I really enjoyed your session…The resources have been helpful…” ~ Janis

“I can’t imagine a better match of professionalism and love for books…” ~ Barbara

About Kathy Bloomfield

Kathy Bloomfield is the founder and president of forwordsbooks a website containing information about and access to Jewish books, featuring an annotated catalog, reviews, and other resources with Jewish values content for librarians, educators, families, and interested others around the world.

Kathy is passionate about children’s literature, especially Jewish children’s literature. She gets the most joy in finding secular books with Jewish values content (think Rainbow Fish.) She is a past member of the Association of Jewish Libraries’ Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee. Kathy loves to teach and has presented at CAJE, JEA, AJL and BJE Conferences in addition to presenting at synagogues, preschools and JCCs.

Kathy has at various times in her career worked at a bookstore, a zoo and a mikveh. She has been a telephone operator, a temple president and an Assistant Regional Director for the URJ. She is a URJ Outreach Fellow and her second passion is working with interfaith families.

Booking Information

Session Rates: $750 per day plus travel and material expenses. (Please call if money is an issue. We can work something out.)

Contact Information

Phone: 617.640.8299
Email: kathyb [at]