Woman Plans. God Laughs.

My website launched on September 9, 2009. When I picked that day, I did so because it seemed like a good date. Before the High Holidays. After Labor Day. Just as school was beginning. As summer was ending. Plus I like all those nines in the date: 09-09-09. It just sounded, well…cool.

Did I remember that one of my best friend’s sons was getting married on Saturday, September 5, 2009…in Chicago? That I was flying to Los Angeles on Sunday, September 6, 2009 to assist my sister with the preparations for my niece’s wedding the following Saturday, September 12, 2009? Or that my husband and I were attending the wedding of one of his cousin’s daughters that same weekend, on Sunday, September 13…in Lake Tahoe?

Did I know that another close friend’s mother would die suddenly while I was gone and that as soon as I returned home,  I would need to run over to see him and provide what comfort I could, many days later?

Could I have assumed that my husband would be invited by a potential employer to come up to the office for another visit “and please bring your wife, so we can all go out to dinner”…  in Vermont?

None of this crossed my mind when I provided my start up date to the wonderful individual who helped me bring my website to life.  Nevertheless, the website is up and running. I learned long ago that the internet is fluid and what you put up today will probably change tomorrow. So, I encourage you to keep coming back as I add books to the Amazon Store connected to the site, continue to add to the forwords Catalog of Jewish Books (which at some point you will be able to download), and review the mountain of new books that are sitting in piles on the floor of my office.

I hope you are as excited about my return as I am to be back. I look forward to seeing you at a conference or a workshop somewhere soon. Send me a note and tell me what you have been up to. You can reach me at kathyb(at)forwordsbooks.com.

Happy Reading!

Kathy B.

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