Book Review | We’re All in the Same Boat
by Zachary Shapiro

Score: 5

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis.  ©2009, G. P. Putnam and Sons.

We had just had three weeks of rain. The Boston Globe had published instructions for building an ark on the front page…above the fold! The summer was looking a bit grim in New England when I picked up this book and a rainbow appeared.

Let’s start with the illustrations which are delightful, joyful, colorful, bold, energetic and so very much fun. I had a belly laugh just looking at those – forget the story. Noah in the pith helmet, looking like the cruise director on board the Love Boat, was just too funny.

But the story…alliteration after alliteration (“camels were complaining”, “elephants were enraged”, “llamas were livid”…). This was so much fun reading aloud. There is lots of opportunity for acting out and audience participation here-classic story time stuff. The message, however, is the main thing, especially in these uncertain times, “We’re All in This Together” so let’s get along (much easier with cooperative camels, enthusiastic elephants and laughing llamas) and we’ll get through this…Together…Excellent…Simply excellent.

I highly recommend this book for all Jewish libraries everywhere.

Grade Range:
K-1st grades

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