Book Review | The Year of Goodbyes
by Debbie Levy

Score: 3

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In Germany during the pre-WWII years, it was common for young people to create posiealbums – a cross between an autograph album and a scrapbook – to write and draw remembrances for each other of the year past.  Each person  asked to write in the album, was allowed to keep it for a day or more to embellish it in any way s/he saw fit.

Based on a posiealbum kept by her mother in 1938, the year her family left Germany for America, the author has constructed a novelization of what that was like for her mother, her mother’s family and all those who witnessed the terrible times leading up to the Holocaust.  The poems are sweet, yet reflect the sadness of  parting and the loss of innocence that occurred day-by-day.  Interspersed throughout the poems is the story of a family having to make difficult decisions to leave everyone they love and all they own behind.

Grade Level: 6th – 11th

Ages: 11-17

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