Book Review | The Sun’s Special Blessing
by Sandy Wasserman

Score: 2

In my humble opinion, this book should have been published 2 or 3 years ago. That way teachers could have been preparing their students for the very special event that was going to take place in April, 2009. As it is, this book will not be useful again until April 2037 and who knows what kind of technology we will be using to read books by that time!

The idea of a time capsule is a fun and interesting one, however. I did enjoy reading about what was considered exciting and new in 1981 – Pac-Man, the INTERNET, cassette music.

The illustrations, while a creative blend of colored paper and paper cuts, were difficult to decipher. The text was enchanting and quite interesting, although I would have liked a bit more information about the Blessing of the Sun itself and how it as been observed over the centuries.

I recommend this book to Jewish libraries.

Grade Range: K-3rd Grades

This book is for YOUNGER  Readers.

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