Book Review | The Purim Surprise
by Lesley Simpson

Score: 2.5

Illustrated by Peter Church

© 2004, KarBen Publishing, Inc.

Naomi is sure that her mother has forgotten her seventh birthday. After all, they just moved into their new home, her birthday and Purim are three days away and instead of unpacking boxes, they have been baking Hamantashen and putting together Shalach Manot baskets for people they don’t even know. To make matters worse, her mother is making Naomi deliver the baskets to all their neighbors!

What Naomi doesn’t know is that her mother has included an invitation to a surprise Purim/birthday party for Naomi in each of the baskets. Naomi is in for a big treat and doesn’t even know it.

While a bit wordy, this is a lovely story about being a stranger in a strange land and reaching out to a new community. The illustrations are beautiful, what looks to be, colored pencil drawings. There is a glossary in the back explaining Purim terms.

Grade Level: PreK-3

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