Book Review | The Importance of Wings
by Robin Friedman

Score: 4

With their mother in Israel helping their ailing aunt, Roxanne and her sister, Gayle, are pretty much left to their own devices while their father works all evening as a taxi driver. Under loved, underfed and overdosed on TV and cereal is a fair description of their lifestyle.   What Roxanne wants is a stable home life and to fit in at school.

Enter Liat, an Israeli girl who moves into the “cursed” house next door to Roxanne. Liat and her father move from house to house, state to state in search of jobs. Liat has no issues with self-esteem or fitting in. She makes her place wherever she is.

With appealing and affecting writing, Ms. Friedman grabs the reader immediately and takes you on a journey of self-discovery, confidence building and empowerment that will leave you hoping for a sequel.  While the title of the book refers to the “Farah Fawcett (z’l) Hairstyle” of the 80’s, it is really about what happens when teens discover their inner beauty and self confidence.

I highly recommend it for all Jewish libraries.

Grade Range: 6th-11th grades

This book is for OLDER  Readers.

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