Book Review | The First Gift
by A.S. Gadot

Score: 4

This is a lovely book. My only wish would be that they had made one for girls as well. Nonetheless, this book explores the First Gift that every parent gives their child and discusses how names are given to babies the world over.

The story begins with a boy named David. It goes through the many names that his mother, his father and his brothers called him. It ends with David becoming the king of Israel and what his people called him. It then describes all the names in the bible and describes what families in Mexico, Russia and Israel name their children. It is ultimately about a boy named David and who he was named after and what his family calls him now. At the end of the book is a single page describing Jewish naming customs.

The illustrations are very well done and give an overall sense of what the names mean or what the person does.  This book would make a great gift for a new baby (especially a boy baby.)

I recommend this title to Jewish libraries for their young reader section.

Grade Level: PK-3

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