Book Review | The Brave Women Who Saved Moses
by Alison Greengard

Score: 3

Illustrated by Carol Racklin-Siegel

© 2009 EKS Publishing.

A retelling of Exodus where Moses is assisted in coming into the world through the efforts of many righteous women – two midwives, his mother, his sister and the Pharaoh’s daughter (Exodus 1,2). It is also an adaptation of the Hebrew text so that those studying Hebrew can practice reading the stories in simple Hebrew and learn to understand and read the words in the original language.  As an adult learner who is doing her best to master the ancient tongue, I appreciate what EKS has done. Not only is the English simple, clear and highly readable, but the Hebrew text is as well.  In addition, in the back of the book you can find a literal translation of the Hebrew along with a glossary containing every-single-Hebrew-word in translation AND transliteration. Thank you so VERY much.

The illustrations are not great, but they are nice, colorful and connect the reader to the story.  Overall, a nice addition to this series and should be included in the collection.

Grade: 3rd-8th

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