Book Review | Tashlich at Turtle Rock
by Susan Schnur & Anna Schnur-Fishman

Score: 3

Illustrated by Alex Steele-Morgan

© 2010, Kar-Ben Publishing

Families looking for a way to bring interesting Jewish ritual into their lives need look no further than this charming book. Annie and her family go on a hike as part of their Rosh Hashanah afternoon. During their hike, they make four stops. One to remember something good that happened to them during the past year, one to toss away a bad habit from the past year, one stop to make a promise to do something new in the coming year and the final stop to eat apples dipped in honey and recite a prayer together. An interesting and individual family Tashlich service.

The writing is uncomplicated, yet provides plenty to think about. Enough to enable anyone to adapt this family’s idea to something of their own. The illustrations are soft, rich, pastel-like in all the beautiful tones of a fall day in the park.

Grade Level: K-3rd

Ages: 5-9

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