Book Review | Sukkot Treasure Hunt
by Allison Ofanansky

Score: 3

Photographs by Eliyahu Alpern

© 2011, Kar-Ben Publishing.

How much fun would it be to take the children on a hike and look for and pick the willow, myrtle and palm branch for your very own lulav? What would it be like to pick bay leaves for your soup pot, grapes or dates for your lunch or pomegranates for dessert while you are walking around on your hike?  Can you imagine having an etrog tree in your front yard? Of course, all of this is possible in Israel (and probably parts of California!) This charming book follows a family as they search for “the four species” in the hills around Tzefat in Israel

The story is well-written, engaging and age appropriate. The photographs are beautiful and draw the reader into the hunt.  Overall, this is a nice addition to the Sukkot collection for young readers.

Grade Level: Pre-K – 3rd Grade

Ages: 3-8

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