Book Review | Sammy Spider’s First Day of School
by Sylvia A. Rouss

Score: 3

Sammy Spider is back and I am excited he is finally finished with concepts (i.e. colors, shapes, etc.) and is now working on Values. Hooray!  As always, the story is well written using simple and easily understood language, the illustrations consistently beautiful, brightly colored collages.

Sammy is starting Kindergarten and this story is looking at “Kindness to Animals.” It would have been nice, seeing as Sammy is visiting a Jewish Kindergarten, if the Hebrew words “Tza’ar Ba’alei Hayyim,” the prevention of cruelty to animals (even spiders), had been placed somewhere in the text, even in a glossary in the back of the book.  Nonetheless, the message is clear, “we need to be kind to all creatures.”

I recommend it for all Jewish libraries.

Grade Range: Pre-K-2 grades

This book is for YOUNGER  Readers.

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