Book Review | Queen of Secrets
by Jenny Meyerhoff

Score: 3

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In the game of High School popularity politics whose side do you take – friends or family? For Essie, the charming protaganist of this interesting story loosely based on the Book of Esther, the answer to that question can shake up a lot of relationships.

Essie, an orphan raised by her grandparents, finds herself in a sticky situation when her Conservative Jewish and strictly Observant Aunt and Uncle move back to town bringing her cousin Micah with them. Micah enrolls in her high school, wears a kippah and tzitzit and promptly earns a place on the Varsity football team. Essie who has just made the Varsity cheerleading squad as a Sophmore is torn between acknowledging her relationship to her cousin, who is thought of as a freak, and staying connected to the “in crowd” of cheerleaders. She opts for the “in crowd” with almost tragic results.

Essie’s journey from popularity seeker to truth talker is a twisted path filled with family secrets, personal trials, bitter betrayals, startling revelations and ultimately redemption. As always, truth wins out in the end and Essie, being the definition of a good, solid, upstanding citizen finds her way to the right road.

This is a good read with some heart-stopping moments and some great lessons.

Grade Level: 6th – 11th

Ages: 11-17

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