Book Review | Passover Around the World
by Tami Lehman-Wilzig

Score: 3

Illustrated by Elizabeth Wolf.

© 2007, Kar-Ben Publishing.

This is a lovely book explaining the different ways that Passover is celebrated in various countries throughout the world. The customs are so varied that I believe that matzah may be the only unifying factor in the celebrations!  Nonetheless this book provides students with a number of enlightening versions of Passover traditions that enable them to see that while we share a common religion, we may experience it many different ways.

As someone who tries to enrich the Passover seder in my own home every year, this is a book I will look to in order to find ideas for variety and spice in our family tradition. Whether I will add some “brick” to my charoset recipe or ask my guests to participate in a Passover play remains to be seen, one of these “new/old” traditions will surely appear on the scene this coming year.

The book’s illustrations are charming. The maps used well drawn and clear. There are sidebars inset at the beginning of each chapter to give more details of every story and a glossary in the back (referred to as “Passover Potpourri”) provides additional facts for each country discussed.

Grade Level:
3 – 8

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