Book Review | Nothing
by Robin Friedman

Score: 5

In this timely, completely engaging, amazingly unique book, we meet a teenage boy with Bulimia and his father who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. In opposing chapters we read the young man’s story in prose and his sister’s version of events in free verse. I could not put it down and read it in one sitting.  While I wish I could say this was a true work of fiction, unfortunately I live in a community where this novel struck very close to home. Parents driving their High School Senior son to keep his competitive edge so high he loses his sense of self. Children participating in activities for no other reason than that they look good on a college resume. Parents more concerned about what the neighbors think than what is right. This is an excellent book that speaks the truth about a societal issue too often ignored today.

I highly recommend it to all Jewish libraries.

Grade Level: 8th-12th

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