Book Review | Noah’s Bark
by Stephen Krensky

Score: 2

Illustrated by Rogé

© 2010, Carolrhoda Books.

During the time Noah was building the ark, the animals could use any sound they liked whenever they liked. “Snakes quacked…Beavers crowed…elephants hissed.” At other times, the elephants would quack, the beavers hiss and the snakes would baah. This was a bit distracting to Noah as he tried to build the ark, but the animals kept at it.

Once the rains came and the animals were on board the ark, the noise became completely disturbing.  Noah needed to be able to tell one animal’s voice from another in case of an emergency, so he devised a plan to give each kind of animal a unique voice.

This story with its simple text and numerous animal sounds, especially the sounds coming from the wrong animals at the beginning of the book, will delight young readers. Accompanied by the vivid, modern style  oil painting-like illustrations of Noah and all the animals, this will make for one wild read-aloud at story time.

Grade Level: PreK-2nd

Ages: 3-8

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