Book Review | Naomi’s Song
by Selma Kritzer Silverberg

Score: 5

OK, I will admit it, I was fully prepared to write this book off when I first picked it up.  The Foreword’s headline is “The Hidden Manuscript of Naomi’s Song.” For me, that is a death knell. “Oh my God,” I thought. “Here we go again, another self-published book, found in the attic by someone’s granddaughter. So, they know someone at JPS. Good for them!” Nevertheless, I signed on to read, so I read.

Surprisingly, unexpectedly, excitedly, the book is good. Better than good, it is excellent. Here is a modern midrash on the life of Naomi from her days as a young girl until she becomes a grandmother through Ruth’s bearing of Oved. The reader quickly becomes enmeshed in the harsh daily life of ancient Israel, in what it takes simply to stay alive.  Rapidly we are drawn in to the love story of Naomi and Elimelek. Although anyone who has read the Book of Ruth knows what happens, the wonderful embellishments and extraordinary characterizations, the added drama and high emotions make for a fabulous reading experience.

I highly recommend it for all Jewish libraries.

Grade Range: 7-12 grades

This book is for OLDER  Readers.

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