Book Review | Mystery Bear: A Purim Story
by Leone Adelson

Score: 3

Illustrated by Naomi Howland

© 2004, Clarion Books.

A little bear cub wakes up from his winter’s nap and finds he is starving. Not wanting to wake up his mother, he leaves the den to search for food. At the edge of the forest he smells a tasty aroma and sees a crowd of people entering a building while carrying plates of food – it’s a Purim Party!  He wanders over and manages to get inside because his “bear costume” has almost everyone thinking he is the tailor.

Greedily, he helps himself to every delicious morsel on the table. When at last he is satisfied, he sits down for a quiet little nap. When it is time for dancing, they want the “tailor” to join in. Even though Itzik tries to tell everyone it is a real bear, no one believes him. When they push too hard, though, the little bear wakes up, and everyone sees that Itzik was right!

While a bit wordy, this is a delightful story that little ones will love because in the end, it was the youngest child who knew the truth all along. The illustrations are charming and portray the happiness and love of a community getting together to celebrate the joyful Purim holiday.

Grade Level: PreK-2

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