Book Review | My Life in Pink & Green
by Lisa Greenwald

Score: 2

Except for some girls who come into the pharmacy to have the main character of the story do their makeup for their Bat Mitzvah, this book has no Jewish content.  That is so unfortunate, because it is a very interesting read. A twelve-year-old girl, Lucy Desberg, uses her skills at applying makeup, and some other ideas, to start a small business and assists her family in saving their family-owned business. In addition, she and her sister find a way to “go green” with their business in order to participate in a city sponsored grant program. All of these concepts are clearly Jewish values, it is just not clear that Lucy Desberg and her family are Jewish.

Nevertheless, I would recommend this book for Jewish libraries because of the Jewish values content.

Grade Range: 4th-8th grades

This book is for OLDER  Readers.

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