Book Review | My First Yiddish Word Book
by Joni Kibort Sussman

Score: 3

Illustrated by Pepi Marzel.

© 2009, KarBen Publishing.

This beautiful, basic reference book could be used by all ages. Double page picture spreads are set up to show a specific setting – house, clothes, school, for example. On the bottom of each spread, specific items are pictured with their Yiddish name in Hebrew letters, transliteration and English translation underneath. A complete alphabetized (in English) word list/index is in the back of the book.

The illustrations are uncomplicated and attractive. Teachers and students, children and their parents could have a lot of fun making a game out of looking for and finding the items on the page, then learning the Yiddish words for the pictured items.

Grade Range: PreK-5 grades

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