Memories light the corners of my mind

Tomorrow, my husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. It really does seem like yesterday that the two of us were starting out together to make a life for ourselves. We have raised two incredible kids, moved up the coast and across the country, traveled the world, survived health crises, faced economic downturns, celebrated innumerable happy occasions, cried at the (fortunately) occasional sad circumstances and made friends around the globe. We are so very blessed.

Has it been easy? Heck no! Nothing worth doing ever is. Marriage is very hard work. It requires time, attention, patience and nurturing. Just like any living thing. However, along the way, you celebrate each milestone.

The milestones hold the memories of our time together.  The symbols of those milestones bring back the memories:

  • The ceramic gorilla purchased in Monterey during our 5th Anniversary weekend still sits on my desk staring at me with his loving eyes.
  • The necklace we purchased during our trip to Florence for our 25th wedding anniversary reminds me of the pasta, gelato, architecture, long walks, and beauty of Italy. Oh, when can we return?
  • And don’t forget the photographs! What would any occasion be without pictures to look back and remember what we looked like and where we were.

So, off we go to celebrate another milestone – 30 years! – I am not sure what symbol we will find to bring back the memories of this celebratory adventure. I am sure that whatever it is will remind me of days filled with laughter, love and an understanding that only 30 years together can grow.

Happy reading,

Kathy B.

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