Book Review | Max Said Yes! The Woodstock Story
by Abigail Yasgur & Joseph Lipner

Score: 4.5

This is one of those books where my colleagues and I may disagree. Is it a Jewish book? Does it have Jewish content? They may say no. I would answer, what could be more Jewish than welcoming close to a half-a-million strangers to your farm for three days?

The simple rhyming text of the story beautifully explains this watershed moment in American history.  The illustrations could not be brighter, bolder or more representative of the 60s “look.” All around, it makes me wish I had been rebellious enough (at age 15) to have gone “on down to Yasgur’s farm…to camp out on the land.”  The inclusion of the lyrics of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” is an added treat to this already delightful book.

Whether you were there or not, this is a book to share with the younger generation, to remind them that there was time when their parents and grandparents thought they could “rebuild the universe.”

I highly recommend this book to all Jewish libraries.

Grade Range: K- 3rd grade

This book is for YOUNGER  Readers.

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