Book Review | Let My People Go!
by Tilda Balsley

Score: 3

Illustrated by Ilene Richard

© 2008, Kar-Ben Publishing.

At my house, the plagues are the high point of our Seder. Water turns to blood, frogs fly, and hailstones soar – you get the picture.  This book would be great to use during that section of the Haggadah especially with younger children and their families. It is highly interactive with a lively rhyming text set up to serve both as story and as drama. There are enough roles for everyone at the table. Different colors are used to denote who gets which part in the play. The illustrations are cute, lively, appropriate and energetic.

There may be one small problem, probably not universal, in the interpretation of the plagues. Where we have cattle disease and wild beasts in our Haggadah, Let  My People Go! uses gnats and flies. Oh well, it offers the opportunity for interesting discussion at this year’s Seder table about the interpretation of Hebrew words.

This would be a great book for Jewish communities with large preschool populations and those doing model Seders.

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