Book Review | How Mama Brought the Spring
by Fran Manushkin

Score: 4

Is it Jewish? The author is Fran Manushkin…The story revolves around a character named Rosy Levine…Rosy has a cat named, Moishe? Hmmm…Rosy’s mother tells her a story about her winters in Minsk…Rosy’s grandmother cooks in the kitchen while singing a niggun, “Di-deedle-dee! Di-deedle-deedle-dee!”…turns out Grandma Beatrice is cooking blintzes, which in my book (granted a Jew-by-choices’ book) is about as Jewish as you an get!

This is a delicious, delightful story with equally delicious, wonderous illustrations. You can almost smell the blintzes being made and the winter’s chill being blown away by the heat in the kitchen and the melting butter on the stove. The illustrations are delighfully warm, brightly colorful and in the Russian style. There is a recipe for cheese blintzes in the back of the book. I read this during the dead of our last New England winter and thought I might go make some right then – hoping the spring would come!

I highly recommend this book for all Jewish libraries.

Grade Level: 2nd-5th

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