Book Review | Holocaust: the events and their impact on real people
by Angela Gluck Wood

Score: 4.5

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I read this book on a cross-country airplane trip. My first thought, of course, “Oy vey! Another Holocaust book, do we need another Holocaust book?” When I opened it up and began reading, I could not put it down. As trite as it may sound, this is a Holocaust collection like no other. Part history, part chronology, part memoir, this is an accurate, vivid, detailed record of what happened to Jews during World War II.

What makes this book so extremely well done is the inclusion of the voices of survivors transcribed in text and images within its pages providing proof of the Holocaust’s existence. What makes the book extraordinary is the accompanying DVD containing video interviews of these same Holocaust survivors from the USC Shoah Foundation Institute. There for readers to see and hear are the faces and voices of a generation soon to be gone from us. As a result, Dorling-Kindersley has provided us not with a Holocaust book, but with a real, living history museum in book form.

On the little note card I jotted on while reading this marvelous work, I wrote “extraordinary, outstanding, extremely well done, well told, nothing like it.” However, perhaps Steven Spielberg says it simply and best in his foreword, “The book you are holding in your hand is unique.”  That is absolutely the truth.

Grade Level: 6th – 12th

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