Book Review | Harvest of Light
by Allison Ofanansky

Score: 4

Photographs by Eliyahu Alpem.

© 2008.  Kar-Ben/Lerner

More than just a Hanukkah book, this could also be shelved with the science collection as it is a fabulous story of how olives become oil. What better way to share the story of the Miracle of Hanukkah than by showing children why the eight days were so important and how making olive oil is such hard work.

The photographs in this book are exquisite and beautifully detailed. The text is clear and direct. The entire package made me want to visit Israel during harvest time, help out and then sit and eat pita dipped in olive oil while tasting pickled olives.

After reading this book, I am planning to light my menorah with olive oil. I also think an olive oil tasting party during Hanukkah may be a very good idea

Grade Level: K-4th

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