Book Review | Greater than Gold and Silver
by Rav Naftali Ehrmann

Score: 3

Adapted and Illustrated by Chedvah Rubin

© 2009, Feldheim Publishers

This beautiful story reveals, the true meaning, and consequences, of performing a mitvah with real intention or kavanah.  Reb Itzik is a poor peddler who loves Sukkot and above all observing the mitvah of having a perfect etrog during the holiday. When one year he buys an etrog “on lay-away” and ends up being the sole owner of an etrog in the region, his love of this mitvah is put to the test. He passes with great rewards.

The writing is fixating, emotional and inspiring. The artwork, which looks to be pen and ink with watercolor paint, is exquisitely detailed, warm and welcoming. The book invites you into itself to listen to its words of wisdom.

While this book is published by an Orthodox publishing house, and therefore some of the language may sound a bit different to those unfamiliar with Ashkenazic pronunciation (i.e. mitzvos versus mitvah, esrog versus etrog), the idea and emotion of the story crosses all denominational boundaries. What is the price of performing a mitzvah with our whole heart?

Grade Range: 3rd-8th Grades

Ages 8-14 years

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