Book Review | Gathering Sparks
by Howard Schwartz

Score: 4

Illustrated by Kristina Swarner

© 2010, Roaring Book Press.

With beautiful, simple language, this master storyteller provides an excellent way to explain the concept of Tikkun Olam/ Repairing the World to very young children. Transforming the “Vessels of Light” so often used in stories, into a “fleet of ships, each carrying a cargo of light,” Howard Schwartz provides imagery that children this age can imagine. In addition, his use of real life examples – planting trees, kindness to animals, loving each other, etc – for gathering the sparks are also exceptionally helpful.

In combination with the delicate, soft, pastel style illustrations, this book provides the feeling of being wrapped in the arms of someone who loves you while being told a beautiful goodnight story.

Grade Level: PreK-2nd

Ages: 3-7

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