From “Cauldrons” to “Punchbowls”

I heard someone on NPR last night say that the Blogosphere has become “a cauldron of rage.” As someone who also tends towards broad generalizations, I felt a little put out by that statement. I am a member of the Blogosphere, and I do not feel that my blog is “a cauldron of rage” (although there are times when I would certainly like to use it that way.)  Could it be possible that the Kidlitosphere (a small portion of the Blogosphere) might be able to dilute that “cauldron” a bit – one children’s book at a time?

Perhaps what the world needs in order to pull itself out of the “cauldron of rage” is to read some excellent, interesting, well illustrated and subtlety values laden children’s books. Perhaps going back – way back – to our roots, shoring up those foundations with a few gentle Bible stories, some charming Aesop’s Fables and the like might create a new world filled with smiles and joy rather than frowns and sorrow. Could we turn that “cauldron of rage” into a “punchbowl of happiness”?

I plan to do my best to help the Blogosphere, and the world, on this journey – one children’s book at a time.

Happy Reading,

Kathy B.

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