Book Review | Feivel’s Flying Horses
by Heidi Smith Hyde

Score: 4

Illustrated by Johanna van der Sterre

© 2010, Kar-Ben Publishing.

The author who brought us the delights of Klezmer music in Mendel’s Accordion, now shares a lesser known path from the Jewish immigrant experience, the wooden carousel horse carvers of the 19th century. This beautifully told tale describes the life of Feivel who leaves his wife and four children to come to America hoping to earn enough money to send for them. It takes him three years and the carving of an entire carousel of horses to achieve his goal.

The illustrations accompanying the story are rich in color and detail, as they capture Feivel intricately carving each horse, remembering his family members by portraying their personalities in the features of the horses he creates. This is an attractive book with a beautiful story to tell about taking a talent and applying those same skills for a completely different purpose somewhere else.  A somewhat timely lesson perhaps given today’s economic uncertainties.

Grade Level: 1st-4th

Ages: 6-10 years

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