Book Review | Even Higher: A Rosh Hashanah Story
by Eric Kimmel

Score: 3

How wonderful to have this extraordinary story back in print and adapted by the master storyteller, Eric Kimmel. As always, we find ourselves in a shtetl full of loyal followers believing their rabbi visits heaven prior to the High Holidays, there is a skeptic who must follow the rabbi to prove them wrong and a righteous rabbi who is going somewhere “Even Higher.”  The twist? The old woman who the rabbi visits actually gets out of bed and dances with the rabbi in this clever retelling that adds a Ukranian drinking song with the line, “Life is well worth living” to the story.  Leave it to Mr. Kimmel to improve on I. L. Peretz.

The illustrations are a bit ordinary for my taste, but how far can you stretch the look of shtetl life? This is a great story for reading aloud at the High Holidays.

I recommend this book to Jewish libraries.

Grade Range: K-3rd Grades

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