Book Review | Elvina’s Mirror
by Sylie Weil

Score: 5

This is the second volume in the story of Elvina, Rashi’s daughter, as written by Sylie Weil. Like her first book, My Guardian Angel, this is a well written, appealing story that not only describes life in an 11th century French Jewish community, but also has a fascinating plot with well-developed characters. I could not put this book down.

Many of the characters from the earlier book return – Elvina, Rashi, Gauthier, the young knight who Elvina hides in the first book, and Obadiah. In addition, we meet a new family who moves into Troyes from Germany. They become the central figures in a plot filled with romance, danger, conspiracy and all the issues one would expect from the Dark Ages.

Girls in particular will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful read. I am already looking forward to the final part of the trilogy, just to find out what happens to everyone.

I highly recommend this book to all Jewish libraries.

Grade Range:
4th-8th grade

This book is for OLDER  Readers.

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