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Book Review | Say Hello, Lily
by Deborah Lakritz

Score: 3

Illustrated by Martha Av © 2010, Kar-Ben Publishing. In this charming story, a young girl visits a senior citizens’ home with her mother. Her first visit is a bit scary as, with the exception of a former neighbor, she is unfamiliar with the place and its residents. Over time, however, she adapts to the people [...]

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Book Review | The Life and Opinions of Amy Finawitz
by Laura Toffler-Corrie

Score: 3.0

© 2010, Roaring Brook Press. In an effort to distract Amy from her sadness over losing her best friend to a move to the heartland (Kansas), a caring teacher creates a class assignment involving the diaries of 19th century immigrants. Not only does Amy immerse herself in the project, but she enlists a kind, elderly [...]

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Book Review | The Things a Brother Knows
by Dana Reinhardt

Score: 4.5

© 2010, Wendy Lamb Books, a division of Random House Children’s Books. Boaz Katznelson, the eldest son of a transplanted Israeli family, has everything going for him as he graduates from High School. At the top of his class and accepted to Ivy League schools across the east coast, he can choose just about any [...]

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Book Review | The Rooster Prince of Breslov
by Ann Redisch Stampler

Score: 5

Illustrated by Eugene Yelchin © 2010, Clarion Books. The author who gave us Schlemazel and the Remarkable Spoon of Pohost and Something for Nothing, both excellent retellings of Jewish folktales, has really outdone herself this time. Taking an 18th century, classic story from Reb Nachman of Breslov and putting a contemporary twist to it that [...]

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