Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge #1: Goal Setting


PLAN! Edit. Develop. Review. Organize.

Amy over at My Friend Amy is challenging the Bloggiesta-ers to do some goal setting before we get too far ahead of ourselves this weekend.  Normally, I have a plan – in my head – of what I am going to do. Then life interferes and I wind up in bed disappointed that nothing I had planned got done.

Today would have been exactly that, with the dead computer, the netbook tribulations and the snow shoveling. Instead, I find myself sitting at my net book, making a list of what I want to accomplish, not only this weekend, but in the future.

My plan for the weekend was to upload the many reviews I have stored away in my computer and get them onto my website.  I also want to add them and many other books to my Catalog of Books and my Amazon store. I would then like to see what types of technology I might add to the site.

My future goals include writing a blog each month about a specific Jewish value accompanied by the Jewish and Secular books that support it.  I want to write additional blogs so that I can be counted on for at least a blog each week.  I would also like to be a better citizen of the kidlitosphere.

However, probably the best pieces of advice Amy provided was the following sentence: “Write the blog you want to read.”  As I read it, she might as well have written, “Run the Boston Marathon in April,” because the blogs I want to read are written by extraordinarily gifted writers and reviewers.  To think I should, would or could attempt to join their company seems quite a stretch. However, the more I thought about it, why would anyone else want to read what I wouldn’t want to read myself? She’s a sly one, that Amy. So I am adding that to my list of goals, to write blogs that are the best writing I can deliver. Blogs that are so engaging, even I would want to read them. Now that is a high bar.

Of course, my list goes on, but I want to be realistic. No sense committing to everything in writing…what will I do next year?

Happy Reading,

Kathy B.

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