Book Review | Benjamin and the Silver Goblet
by Jacqueline Jules

Score: 4

Every time I read this Bible story, I get emotional. This version is no exception. As I came to the final page [SPOILER ALERT] and Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, tears came to my eyes and I got goose bumps. It is not as if I did not know how the story was going to turn out! Yet, here I was needing to grab tissues.

Once again, Ms. Jules has done a fantastic job of combining midrash and Torah to retell a Biblical story in a beautiful, lyrical and inspirational fashion. Natascia Ugliano is a master artist whose illustrations are captivating and emotional. Together these two deliver on every level.

I highly recommend this for all Jewish libraries.

Grade Range: PreK-5 grades

This book is for YOUNGER Readers.

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