Book Review | Alef-Bet Yoga for Kids
by Ruth Goldeen

Score: 3.5

What an interesting book. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos of the charming children doing there yoga poses in the shapes of the Aleph-Bet, one letter per page. The kids represent the multicultural faces of Judaism today, which is really lovely to see in pictures. The glossary at the back of the book explains each letter, gives the name of the yoga pose variation that is depicted and describes how it affects the body. What fun it would be to find Hebrew words and do the yoga poses described. I wonder what it would look like to do the Modi Ani prayer in yoga?

If you or your school is interested in introducing yoga to the children, this is a great book to begin with. Body Movement classes, parent-child sessions and informal activity workshops would all benefit by looking at the pictures in this book.

I recommend this for all Jewish libraries.

Grade Range: PreK-5 grades

This book is for YOUNGER Readers.

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