Book Review | Abraham’s Search for God
by Jacqueline Jules

Score: 4

Illustrated by Natascia Ugliano.  ©2007, Kar-Ben Publishing.

This is a beautiful retelling of the midrash about Abraham’s discovery of Monotheism. It is told in a way that young children can grasp the concept of a Power so much greater than anything on this earth that created everything on this earth. Yet, they can understand that this Power, God, is inside of each of us. The illustrations in this book are quite delightful, rich with bold colors and very stylistically drawn.

The final page of the story ends as follows: “Today, we remember Abraham as the father of three great religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.” What a perfect way to end a story that has meaning for all three of these religions. It would be appropriate for reading at interfaith settings and by interfaith families.

I highly recommend this book for all Jewish libraries.

Grade Level: K-3

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