Book Review | A Mezuzah on the Door
by Amy Meltzer

Score: 3

In this warm and uniquely illustrated story, we read about Noah, a young boy who has moved to a house in the suburbs after growing up in the city. He has fallen asleep to the sounds of his neighbors sneezing, playing violin and doing dishes and now finds it difficult to sleep with so much quiet. His mother, hoping to alleviate Noah’s distress, has arranged for all of their former neighbors to come see their new home during a “Hanukkat Habayit,” a dedication of the home, during which they will hang a mezuzah on the doorpost of their front door.

With a unique style that incorporates paper collage, stenciling, watercolor and some form of scratching on paint, the illustrations in this book bring to life the family and friends including the warmth of the experience of hanging a mezuzah. The back of the book contains a brief explanation of what a mezuzah is, how it should be hung and where and the blessing that is recited when a mezuzah is hung.

Leave it to KarBen to provide us with a great book about hanging a mezuzah for this age group. I highly recommend this book for all Jewish libraries.

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